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Anyone can give flowers...

The candy will last a day. The flowers, maybe a week. Here's an idea - give her (or him!) a memory that will last a lifetime!

Valentines with Style!

We've delivered singing valentines just about anywhere you can think of, including home, office, school, restaurants, health clubs and even hospitals! The more public place the better! There's nothing quite like surprising your love in public (and of course making everyone else wish they had done the same thing!).

How it goes down

We show up at the appointed place and time. Present a rose, a card, and sing!

We don't have any videos of our guys delivering singing valentines locally (yet!); but, here's an example of some singing valentines done in the Atlanta area: Example!

The What

For $35, you pick the time and place. Four men show up to surprise your valentine with card, a rose, and two love songs in Barbershop harmony.

You can customize the delivery a bit. If you'd like us to present your gift, or a card you wrote, we just have to arrange a way to get the gift or card to the quartet before the delivery. You're sure to get extra style points for that one!

The When

This year we'll be delivering Singing Valentines on February 12 and 14 (Friday and Sunday). If you really need a Saturday delivery, please call (on line ordering is NOT available for Saturday Feb 13. Phone: 530-638-4653

The Where

We limit our area of coverage from El Dorado Hills to Pollock Pines, within 10 miles of Highway 50. Other chapters cover other areas, so if you're outside of our area, check here to find a quartet to surprise your valentine.

The How

Buy On Line! You can give us a call at 530-638-4653. We're not always available to talk with you when you call. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!